Vacation Home Property Management Services

Our vacation rental program includes a page on our website, Airbnb, advertising with Visit Mount Rainier, The Scenic Byway, Destination Packwood, the White Pass Ski Area, Facebook, and the Highway Shopper.
We also do a biweekly walk through of your cabin and a weekly drive by to ensure all is well when cabins are not rented.  We coordinate cleaning, cabin stocking of consumables (paper towels, TP, etc.) minor property maintenance, hot tub maintenance, and yard work for you..  We collect rent, sales and lodging taxes. We pay the B & O and sales tax for the State of Washington.  We pay the credit card fees as payment is almost always collected by Visa/MC.
We prepare your cabin for arrival of guests the morning of each rental by turning up heat, opening some blinds, and leaving a couple lights on.  We like to have the cabin feel welcoming and inviting upon guest arrival rather than cold and dark.  We also collect laundry and secure the cabin on the day of departure.  We actually lease your cabin from you on a month to month contract and pay you percentage of the collected rent.  We can work with you to set nightly rental amounts.
Ultimately, you can use the cabin any time you wish simply by blocking out dates.  You are notified each time there is a rental so that you always know when to expect occupants in the cabin.  Winter and summer are the busiest seasons.  Fall and spring are a bit more challenging.  The lighter seasons are a good time to get maintenance and extra cleaning completed while not interfering with guests.